Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Hostage Rescue Team #7: Seized Out Now!

Dear reader,

Holy moly, it's December already! And I have so much to tell you.

Our house is in full Christmas mode, all the trees and decorations up. It's my favorite time of year and our house is so cozy all done up for the holidays. I've been dragging the weasels out to various craft classes to get them in the holiday mood, so Big Weasel and I did a painting class on the weekend. He was less than thrilled with his finished product, but I think it looks fabulous. (He said, "Of course you think that, you're my mom!". haha)

In writing news, I'm so excited to be bringing you Vance and Carmella's story! I wanted to write something different for this one, so this past August, DH and I went on an Alaskan cruise for a research trip. No one on board suspected that I was secretly planning to use the tranquil setting for the mayhem I'd planned forSeized.

She’s strictly off limits.
Carmela Cruz has wanted the same man for over a year, and now that he’s finally free, he’s fair game. But just when it seems like everything is about to click into place for them, he puts on the brakes. For her, the decision is simple. He either wants her or he doesn’t.  She’s sick of his mixed messages and done with waiting for him to make up his mind. An unexpected, all-expenses-paid luxury cruise to get over her broken heart sounds like just what she needs—until her vacation turns deadly.

But some rules were made to be broken…
HRT member Sawyer Vance wants Carmela more than anything. There’s only one problem—she’s his best friend’s sister, and that makes her officially off limits. He’s already learned the hard way the disastrous consequences that come from breaking that rule. But when she’s caught up in the biggest terrorist attack to hit the West Coast and her life is in imminent danger, the truth hits home hard. He realizes too late that nothing should have kept him away from her. When the terrorists begin killing hostages, Sawyer and his team must take the ship back at all costs. Now they’re in a fight for their lives against an enemy willing to die for its cause, and time is running out to save the surviving passengers.
Including Carmela…if she’s still alive. 
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Another special announcement is that the fabulous Pamela Clare, whose work I have long admired and fan-crushed over, sent me an e-mail about a month ago asking if she could include my HRT guys in her final installment of the I-Team series.

At first I was like, O_O "Is this a trick question?". But when I realized she was serious, I responded with an enthusiastic "YES!!!". 

So, you'll see all the HRT guys featured in Dead By Midnight. And let me tell you, this is NOT your usual Christmas story. It's actually the tautest, most nail-biting book I've read this year. If your'e a fan of the I-Team books, you're going to lose your mind over this one. And if you haven't read the series yet, what are you waiting for? Pamela's books are amazing, my favorites of which are Unlawful Contact (I love Marc!!!), Soul Deep (features middle-aged main characters), and this one.

I've just completed the draft of the next HRT story, Wanted, a long novella that will focus on Zoe and Bauer and include a bombshell announcement or two. I'm hoping for a late January or early February release.

Last month I also had the honour of meeting a former PJ! He has family here in the Vancouver area and contacted me asking if I'd sign a book for him. We met up for dinner and he was highly entertaining, and so interesting to talk with. He even brought me a Pararescue flash (goes on the maroon berets) and a little folded flag that was carried during a HALO jump in Iraq. I have him signed copies of Deadly Descent and Lethal Pursuit. Totally fair trade! haha

Finally, I'm part of a reader contest featuring books with SEAL heroes that you might like. Just click on the image below to enter. You can vote for Zoe and Bauer's book (Hunted) if you so choose!

Wishing you all a warm and wonderful holiday season, filled with great books!

Happy reading,

Kaylea :)