Thursday, September 7, 2017

DEA FAST #4: Strike Fast

It's release day for Strike Fast! This 4th book in the DEA FAST Seriesfeatures a sexy single father, a badass female DEA Blackhawk pilot, and the boys of the Hostage Rescue Team. (Yeah, I thought you'd like that part!)

ISBN: 978-1-928044-23-9
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Format: ebook & print
Length: Novel (78,000 words)
A military widow reluctant to risk her heart again.
After losing her soldier husband in combat, DEA agent Tess Dubrovksi swore never to fall for another man in uniform. The last thing she anticipates is for a sexy FAST agent single father and his young daughter to steal their way into her heart. Now Tess can’t stay detached, even though he brings a ton of emotional baggage she’s not sure she’s ready for. But when an unthinkable tragedy strikes and his daughter’s life is at stake, Tess is already in too deep to walk away, and will lay everything on the line to help.
A single father who protects what’s his.
A divorce and custody battle left DEA FAST agent Reid Prentiss cynical about love. Then a sexy helo pilot walks into his life and changes everything. But his newfound happiness with Tess is too good to last. His team’s latest target is looking for an opportunity for revenge, and finds it in Reid’s daughter. When a vicious cartel lieutenant decides to make a statement by kidnapping her, Reid’s whole world implodes. Now it’s a race against time to save her, and hope is fading with each passing hour. Even with his teammates and Tess at his back, it will take everything Reid has to endure this hellish nightmare and find his daughter…before it’s too late. Because when everything you hold dear is threatened, you'll do anything to protect it.

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If you haven't already read book 1 of the series, Falling Fast is free right now at all vendors. You can find those links HERE.

Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort for Donna Grant
Author Donna Grant has experienced terrible loss at the hands of Hurricane Harvey. Because of that, 1001 Dark Nights will be giving 100% of the sales revenue from this three-book bundle to Donna and her family. Thank you for your support of this effort. 
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In addition, if you are interested in donating to Donna and her family directly, a You Caring account has been set up and you can find that information here:

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Lastly, I am hard at work on the final chapters of my upcoming Hostage Rescue Team novella, Shattered, and hope to have it out by mid to late November. After that, I'll be working on FAST book #5, which features agent Kai Maka.

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