Thursday, November 16, 2017

Shattered: Hostage Rescue Team Series #11

Dear reader,

It's release day for my latest book in the Hostage Rescue Team Series! I hadn't planned on writing any more stories for this group of characters, but I missed them so much and this story idea popped into my head, so…here we are.

This one is a real nail-biter, focusing mostly on Taya and Nate, with a subplot featuring Carm and Vance. It also has a very special dedication to two readers who touched my heart in a most profound way in the wake of a terrible and recent tragedy.
Hostage Rescue Team Series #11
Release Date: November 16, 2017
ISBN: 978-1-928044-24-6
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Format: ebook & print
Length: Novella (40,000 words)
Servare Vitas. 
To save lives. For the men of the FBI’s elite Hostage Rescue Team, it’s not just a motto; it’s a creed they live by. Nobody knows that better than Special Agent Nate “Doc” Schroder, the team medic. As a former Pararescueman, Nate is accustomed to going into harm’s way to save people—including his wife, Taya—no matter the risk to his own life. But when a catastrophic event turns the tables on the team, suddenly he’s the one whose life needs saving.
However, survival is merely the start of Nate’s battle, because it’s going to take a lot more than medical expertise to pull him through the dark days ahead. While his teammates rally around him, Taya fights to drag the man she loves back into the land of the living. With her at his side and his team at his back, Nate must find new reason to dig deep as he struggles to become whole again.

Also, for a limited time, the Colebrook Siblings Trilogy Box Set, which contains all three books in the seriesis on sale for just $1.99. You can find the boy links HERE.

In terms of writing news, I'm just wrapping up the draft of book #5 in the DEA FAST Series. Fast Fury features Agent Kai Maka, and his feisty neighbour Abby. It's mostly set in Maui, so I hope you'll enjoy this unique location as much as I did writing it. I expect to release it in mid-to-late January.

After that manuscript goes off to my editor, I'll be starting on FAST book #6, Fast Justice. The hero will be Agent Freeman, the team's point man, and the heroine a certain US Attorney he can't get over.

Until then, happy reading!

Kaylea :)

Thursday, September 7, 2017

DEA FAST #4: Strike Fast

It's release day for Strike Fast! This 4th book in the DEA FAST Seriesfeatures a sexy single father, a badass female DEA Blackhawk pilot, and the boys of the Hostage Rescue Team. (Yeah, I thought you'd like that part!)

ISBN: 978-1-928044-23-9
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Format: ebook & print
Length: Novel (78,000 words)
A military widow reluctant to risk her heart again.
After losing her soldier husband in combat, DEA agent Tess Dubrovksi swore never to fall for another man in uniform. The last thing she anticipates is for a sexy FAST agent single father and his young daughter to steal their way into her heart. Now Tess can’t stay detached, even though he brings a ton of emotional baggage she’s not sure she’s ready for. But when an unthinkable tragedy strikes and his daughter’s life is at stake, Tess is already in too deep to walk away, and will lay everything on the line to help.
A single father who protects what’s his.
A divorce and custody battle left DEA FAST agent Reid Prentiss cynical about love. Then a sexy helo pilot walks into his life and changes everything. But his newfound happiness with Tess is too good to last. His team’s latest target is looking for an opportunity for revenge, and finds it in Reid’s daughter. When a vicious cartel lieutenant decides to make a statement by kidnapping her, Reid’s whole world implodes. Now it’s a race against time to save her, and hope is fading with each passing hour. Even with his teammates and Tess at his back, it will take everything Reid has to endure this hellish nightmare and find his daughter…before it’s too late. Because when everything you hold dear is threatened, you'll do anything to protect it.

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If you haven't already read book 1 of the series, Falling Fast is free right now at all vendors. You can find those links HERE.

Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort for Donna Grant
Author Donna Grant has experienced terrible loss at the hands of Hurricane Harvey. Because of that, 1001 Dark Nights will be giving 100% of the sales revenue from this three-book bundle to Donna and her family. Thank you for your support of this effort. 
Buy the bundle here:
In addition, if you are interested in donating to Donna and her family directly, a You Caring account has been set up and you can find that information here:

Thank you for your consideration!!!

Lastly, I am hard at work on the final chapters of my upcoming Hostage Rescue Team novella, Shattered, and hope to have it out by mid to late November. After that, I'll be working on FAST book #5, which features agent Kai Maka.

Happy reading,

Kaylea Cross :)

Thursday, June 29, 2017

DEA FAST Book #3: Stand Fast

Dear reader,

I'm thrilled to announce the release of DEA FAST Series book #3: Stand Fast. This story takes us back to Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan and the rugged Hindu Kush Mountains, as the members of FAST Bravo go after the lethal drug kingpin terrorizing the region.

Release Date: June 29, 2017
ISBN: 978-1-928044-22-2
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Format: ebook & print
Length: Novel (78,000 words)

To win this fight, they’ll have to make a stand. 
DEA Special Agent Jaliya Rabani has fought long and hard to gain her independence, and she refuses to let anyone threaten that. Then the one man who entices her is suddenly thrust back into her life at the most unexpected moment, throwing her carefully controlled world off-balance. With persistent determination, her fellow agent slips past her guard as the danger mounts around them. But by the time she realizes what a coward she’s been for holding back, their time is up. A traitorous enemy has finally made his move, and no one is safe from the coming storm.
Even if it costs them their lives.
FAST Bravo member Zaid Khan is tired of looking for love in all the wrong places, so the last thing he expects is to fall for someone while on deployment in Afghanistan. His team’s sexy intelligence specialist is strong, driven, and unlike any other woman he’s ever met. When the murderous drug smuggler they’re trying to capture targets her team, Zaid’s protective instincts go into overdrive. He’ll guard Jaliya whenever possible, intent on proving that they’re meant to be together. But danger is closer than they imagined, and when the faceless enemy’s shocking identity is finally revealed, Zaid and his teammates find themselves plunged into the fight of their lives.
At the moment I'm more than halfway through the draft of FAST book #4 (Strike Fast, featuring SA Reid Prentiss and SA Tess Dubrovski, who you will meet in Stand Fast). Hoping to release it in late August or early September.
Also, ever since I told PJ that Wyatt's Stand was announced as a finalist in the National Readers' Choice Awards, he's been pestering me about being on the cover of a new book. (Gah, I just knew putting him on there would swell his furry little head!)

So I suppose that means I'll have to come up with a novella of some kind for the Colebrooks in the near future, just so "Grits" can make another appearance, and then PJ can be on the cover.

I was also excited to learn that Betrayed finaled in the Daphne Du Maurier Award for Excellence. This was a big thrill, as Bautista is the only villain-turned-hero I've ever written, so it tickled me that the judges loved him so much.

The winners for both contests will be announced at the Romance Writers of America national conference this July, in Disney World. Cross your fingers and toes for us!
That's it for now! PJ and I wish you a lovely, safe and relaxing summer (or winter, if you're Down Under) full of great books and memories to cherish.

Happy reading!
Kaylea :)

Thursday, April 20, 2017

DEA FAST Book #2: Fast Kill

Dear reader,

I'm excited to announce the release of DEA FAST Series book #2, Fast Kill.  You met DEA Special Agents Logan Granger and Taylor Kennedy in Falling Fast, and now it's time for their story. I love the slow, intense burn between these two during the build-up, and the conflict between Taylor and the villain. Hope you will too! 

Release Date: April 20, 2017
ISBN: 978-1-928044-21-5
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Format: ebook & print
Length: Novel (75,000 words)

The past has come back to haunt her.
Having battled long and hard to put her painful past behind her, DEA Special Agent Taylor Kennedy has done everything in her power to make a new life for herself. She never dreamed that same past would suddenly show up on her doorstep one night, or that its reappearance would threaten everything she’s built for herself. Faced with the unthinkable, she’ll have to make the agonizing choice between her trusted childhood friend, and the man who’s managed to steal her wary heart.
And the consequences could be fatal.
FAST Bravo member Logan Granger knows Taylor was hurt badly by something in her past. He never expected to fall for a straight-laced, uptight forensic accountant, but Taylor has managed to redefine his definition of sexy, and now he wants to uncover all her secrets. Though they’re opposites in almost every way, Logan is determined to break through her barriers and show her just how good things can be between them. Then their worst nightmare is realized when Taylor becomes the target of the merciless Veneno cartel, and Logan will risk everything to save her—including his life.

Taylor stared at the closed bathroom door, her skin tingling all over and her pulse thudding in her ears as the hiss of water started up in the shower. She wanted him. Why was she still standing here?
You are worthy.
Refusing to get lost in her head and ruin the moment by overthinking it, she walked over and grasped the doorknob. It turned easily under her hand, releasing a cloud of steam as she eased the door open.
At the sight before her, her lower belly did a slow, delicious somersault.
Logan stood under the spray facing away from her, the broad expanse of his muscled back and shoulders on display above the tiled half wall of the shower. His head was tipped back, the muscles in his arms and back flexing as he ran his hands through his wet hair.
Her mouth went dry as she devoured the sight of him with her eyes.
He stilled, as though he sensed he was no longer alone. Lowering his hands, he half-turned to look at her. Taylor couldn’t breathe, couldn’t look away as their gazes connected and locked. He stood absolutely motionless while the water cascaded over his naked skin, watching her.
Waiting to see what she’d do.
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iBooks (should be live any time now)
As of today I'm at the 60% mark in the draft of book #3, Stand Fast (featuring Zaid and Jaliya, who you'll meet in Fast Kill), and already thinking about what will happen in book #4. In other news, after some major hiccups and unforeseen delays in production, the audio editions of the first 6 books of my Hostage Rescue Team Series should finally be releasing this winter. Phew! 
Happy reading!
Kaylea :)

Sunday, April 2, 2017


Alert! Until April 9th, the 3rd box set of Hostage Rescue Team books is on sale at all vendors for just $1.99. That's the final four books: Seized, Wanted, Betrayed and Reclaimed, for under $2.

Grab it while you can. Buy links HERE.

Happy reading!

Kaylea :)

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Never Surrender: The Next Bagram Special Ops Story

Dear reader,

I'm so darn excited to announce the release of this next Bagram Special Ops story! I've been waiting a long time to write something more for this cast of characters, especially Ace and Ryan, so I hope you'll love Never Surrender as much as I do. If you haven't yet read the Bagram books, or Liliana Hart's MacKenzie stories, don't worry, as Never Surrender can be read as a stand alone. 

Back by popular demand, Ace's spunky grandma threatens to steal the show in this story. She's modelled after my own dear late grandmother, who was such a character in her own right that I felt the need to forever immortalize her in a book. (And the piano story? That's all too real, I'm afraid. My sweet sixteenth birthday party at a fancy restaurant.)

The Bagram crew meets Liliana Hart’s MacKenzies
As the Bagram crew assembles at a guest ranch in Montana to celebrate the wedding of two of its own, everyone expects a fun week-long vacation enjoying some much-needed downtime together. But in the picturesque foothills bordering the ranch, a hidden danger lurks.
When the guys stumble upon evidence of a domestic terrorist cell during the bachelor party, it puts everyone directly in the crosshairs of a lethal enemy determined to remain unseen, unleashing a wave of danger every bit as deadly as what they faced back overseas. Then a shocking revelation from the past comes to light, and it may be the key to winning the fight. Now they must come together as a team to eliminate the threat, before they wind up gathered for a funeral instead of a wedding.
There are five books in this collection, each by a different author. I hope you'll check them out.

In other news, if you haven't yet read all the Hostage Rescue Team books, the final box set is on sale for 1.99 for a limited time. This set includes books 7-10 of the series: SeizedWantedBetrayed, and ReclaimedGrab it at this amazing price while you can! 

Last but not least, the next book in my DEA FAST Series is due to release late next month. Fast Kill features Logan and Taylor, two special agents with extremely different job description. Opposites attract big time in this one. Can't wait for you to read their story! 

Happy reading!

Kaylea :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

New Year, New Series: DEA FAST Series, Book #1

Dear reader,

I'm thrilled to announce the launch of my brand new DEA FAST Series with book #1, Falling Fast. This series will focus on the 7 members and team leader of one of the DEA's Foreign-Deployed Advisory and Support Teams, FAST Bravo. FAST Bravo's story begins with Jamie and Charlie, whom you met in the final book of the Colebrook Siblings Trilogy (Easton's Claim).
Release Date: January 24, 2017
ISBN: 978-1-928044-20-8
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Format: ebook & print
Length: novel (65,000 words)
She’s putting herself in harm’s way to make a difference. 
Having grown up in a household of elite, overprotective male Marines, Charlie Colebrook is savoring her hard won independence and avoiding a serious relationship that could tie her down. As a computer forensics expert for the DEA she might be a civilian rather than an agent, but she’s far from helpless, and she’s hungry to prove herself. So when her boss asks her to take on a dangerous undercover assignment that could expose the key money launderer for the biggest, and most lethal drug cartel in the Western hemisphere, Charlie seizes her chance. There’s just one catch: the man assigned as her partner is the only man she wants…and he won’t settle for less than everything she has to give.
Now he’s the only one who stands between her and a ruthless cartel. 
DEA Special Agent Jamie Rodriguez has tried like hell to ignore the explosive chemistry he has with Charlie. Not simply because she’s his best friend’s sister—but because with her, he wants all or nothing. As a member of the agency’s elite FAST Bravo unit, he’s got the skill and experience to keep her safe. Now that he’s assigned to protect her on this op, he’ll do it at all costs, even if she tempts him as no other woman ever has. But the final op tests them both to the breaking point, and when things go to hell, it will take everything they’ve got to survive the deadly trap set for them.
Nook (coming soon)

Right now I'm about halfway through the draft of book #2, Fast Kill. I'm excited for you guys to meet this new cast of characters!

Also, we are less than two months away from the next instalment for the Bagram Special Ops crew. Never Surrender releases March 21st and focuses on Ace and Ryan—with a spotlight shining on Ace's one-of-a-kind grandma, because she's awesome.

Until then, happy reading!
Kaylea :)