Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Christmas Coloring

"Maybe Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store. Maybe Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more."
--The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, by Dr. Seuss

(wreath picture from Johanna Basford's "Johanna's Christmas", Max drawn by me)

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Blindsided: A Titanium Security Christmas Novella

I'm thrilled to bring you my first ever Christmas story today. Blindsided is about the Titanium Security team. This is no fluffy holiday story, however, so get ready to do some nail biting as I bring the team together for a roller coaster of a reunion. I hope you'll hold your breath, cry and laugh along with this cast of characters I've missed so much.
It’s a Titanium Christmas reunion…
Grace and Alex Rycroft have just moved into their newly renovated house in upstate New York and they’ve invited the whole Titanium Security crew to celebrate an early Christmas with them.
But not all is merry and bright.
Unfortunately things don’t go as planned. When the unthinkable happens at a veteran’s charity event in the middle of Manhattan, the team must pull together to take down the attacker and rally around a wounded teammate in the tragic aftermath. With one of their own left fighting for his life, it’s going to take a Christmas miracle to pull him through and make the holiday season bright.
(*Note: This novella is a final wrap-up of the Titanium Security Series and is not meant to be read as a stand-alone.)

In other news, a lot of you know I'm all finished with my upcoming novella for Liliana Hart's MacKenzie Family release next March. Never Surrender is about the Bagram Special Ops crew, focusing on Ace and Ryan…and Ace's dear grandma. She is an absolute hoot, and modeled after my own darling late grandma. I had SO much fun writing this one! Can't wait for you to read it.

Last but not least, yesterday I finished up the draft of Falling Fast, the first book of my new DEA FAST Series, which will release in late January. It features Charlie and Jamie, and picks up right at the end of their part in Easton's Claim, the final book of the Colebrook Siblings Trilogy. Now I'm on to the next one.

That's all the news for now! Wishing you all a safe and wonderful holiday season, from my family to yours.

Lots of love and happy reading,

Kaylea :)

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Easton's Claim: Final Book of the Colebrook Siblings Trilogy

Dear reader,

I'm thrilled to announce that book three of the Colebrook Siblings Trilogyreleases today. Hard to believe we're already at the last book, but I hope I've saved the best for last. The chemistry between Piper and Easton is scorching. 
ISBN: 978-1-928044-18-5
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Format: ebook & print
Length: short novel (60,000 words)
She needs a fresh start somewhere else.
Piper Greenlee is desperate to get out of Sugar Hollow. After her ex-husband’s notorious scandal and their subsequent divorce, her life and reputation are in tatters. Not to mention the disturbing feelings she’s started to have for a longtime friend recently. She’s ready to leave all that behind, start over somewhere far away and reinvent herself.
But the past isn’t done with her yet. When it lands on her doorstep this time, the consequences could prove fatal. She has no choice but to turn to the one man in town she knows can protect her…the man she’s not ready to face her true feelings for.
He’ll fight to convince her she’s already home.
DEA FAST agent Easton Colebrook has loved Piper for years and been forced to stay silent. It killed him to stand back and watch her marry the wrong man, but now that her divorce has been finalized and she’s had time to heal, he’s making his move. The problem is, she’s determined to see him only as a friend, and worse—Wyatt’s little brother.
When he arrives home after another rotation in Afghanistan, Easton is ready to put his plan into action. Then he learns that Piper is planning to move halfway across the country, forcing him to act immediately. Before he can tell her how he feels, her ex drags her into a potentially lethal situation. Easton steps in, vowing to protect her at all costs. But in order to finally claim the woman who’s owned his heart for as long as he can remember, he and Piper will have to outsmart a deadly enemy hell bent on exacting his revenge.
I've recently completed my Bagram Special Ops novella (Never Surrender), but it won't release until March. I can't wait for you guys to read it! Unlike most of my books, there are a lot of lighthearted moments in this one that balance out all the angst and action. Not surprising since both Ryan and Ace's grandma are center stage. I just love her, she's such a hoot to write about.

Right now I'm wrapping up edits for my Titanium Security Christmas novella (Blindsided, due out in late November), and I've begun to plot out my upcoming DEA FAST Series. I've fleshed out the cast of characters somewhat, and if all goes well there will be 9-10 new books from this series. Yay! I'm starting with Charlie Colebrook and Special Agent Jamie Rodriquez, who you'll meet in Easton's Claim.

In non-writing news, hubby and I are heading down to Baton Rouge, Louisiana next month to attend Writer's SWAT Academy, put on by Liliana Hart and her awesome hubby, Scott Silverii. We get to learn all kinds of tactical stuff from former law enforcement and military peeps, and you can bet what I learn will appear in the pages of my upcoming books. I hate flying with the passion of a thousand burning suns, but this was just too great an opportunity to pass up, even for an aviaphobe like me :).

Last but not least, I'm finally on Instagram! If you're on it, look me up.

Happy fall and happy reading!

Kaylea :)

Friday, September 2, 2016

Colebrook Siblings Trilogy: Wyatt's Stand

Dear reader,

Hi there! It's me, PJ, Kaylea's best little buddy. I'm so excited to tell you that the book I star in (well, as "Grits", not myself) is out now!

This is the second book of the Colebrook Siblings Trilogy, and though I appear in all these books, this one's my favorite because I'm not only the star, I'm on the cover too :). See me there at the bottom of it? Isn't that cool??? I'm still so flattered. 

Mummy is keeping secrets from me. She hasn't told me what happens at the end of the book yet, but I'm sure I take down the bad guy, because I have a pretty ferocious growl when I want to scare off squirrels and birds in our yard. (I always sit next to her legs while she's writing her stories, but I can't read yet, so she has to explain to me what happens and this time she won't, so I'll have to wait and find out with you guys.)

Here's mummy to fill you in on all the details. We hope you enjoy this story!
Love, PJ 
*slurp slurp*

A wounded warrior in need of healing.
The cost of war was high for Wyatt Colebrook, scarring him inside and out. Since coming home to Sugar Hollow to figure out what his new normal looks like, he’s retreated into himself, just going through the motions of living. Since losing his lower leg and an eye, he doesn’t feel whole anymore, and every day he battles with the inner demons he brought back with him. The only things keeping him going are family, stubbornness, and the chance to buy the one property that will allow him to begin to heal again. When that dream is suddenly stolen from him, it leads to a confrontation with the new owner that will change his life forever.
A woman strong enough to win his heart.
After suffering a painful loss of her own, Austen Sloan left everything from her old life behind to start a new one in Sugar Hollow. When she finds the house of her dreams in a run-down Victorian in desperate need of love, the last thing she expects is to have a run-in with a disgruntled wounded combat veteran who soon steals her heart. But danger lurks in the shadows, stalking ever nearer. To hold on to Austen and the chance for a future together, Wyatt must make a stand against a deadly enemy. He’ll protect her with everything he has, or die trying.
Hey there, it's Kaylea. I had to let PJ do the intro because he was so darn excited, but now here's an update from me on what I've been working on lately.

I've already wrapped up the final book of the Colebrook Siblings TrilogyEaston's Claim (releasing in late September), and my Bagram novella set in Liliana Hart's MacKenzie Family world, Never Surrenderwhich will release next March.

Right now I'm plotting out a Christmas novella for the Titanium Security crew, and after I write that one I'll be diving into my new series about the DEA FAST guys. 

I've also got a box set featuring the first three books of the Hostage Rescue Team series on sale for 99 cents for a limited time. Buy links are HERE

Plenty of exciting action coming your way! I hope everyone had a good summer. My boys head back to school the day after Labor Day and I always love getting back into our routine. September is my favorite month here in Vancouver. It starts out sunny and warm, and then gets progressively cooler, bringing the gorgeous colors of changing leaves and the first fall rains. Yum.

Happy reading!

Kaylea & PJ

Friday, July 29, 2016

The Colebrook Siblings Trilogy: Brody's Vow

Dear reader,

This newsletter is coming to you live from beautiful and extremely HOTKelowna, B.C., land of lakes and vineyards, where my mom moved to last fall. PJ and I are staying with her for a few days while the weasels are in an engineering camp in the middle of their summer vacation. But just because they're on holiday doesn't mean I am! I've been hard at work getting my next series done and I'm excited to bring you the first story.

Also, PJ (my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) is even more excited than me, because there's a character based on him in these books. Somehow he got it in his furry little head that he's actually the hero of book 2, so he's anxious to find out what happens. I don't have the heart to tell him he's not the hero.

Now, more about this book! You met him in the final Hostage Rescue Team book (Reclaimed), and now sniper team reader Brody Colebrook gets his own story in the first book in the Colebrook Siblings Trilogy. These three short novels bridge the gap between the Hostage Rescue Team series, and my future series on the DEA FAST team.
A trained assassin on the run.
Trinity Durant isn’t accustomed to relying on anyone for help. She’s the deadliest of all her Valkyrie sisters, getting up close and personal for her kills. But this time, it’s different. When she’s injured on a job, she has no one to turn to except the handsome stranger holding a weapon on her. Since she needs to escape the city, she reluctantly accepts his help. Too late she realizes that he poses the biggest danger to her of all, by making her question everything about her life—and threatening her jaded heart.
A man unwilling to walk away.
When HRT sniper team leader Brody Colebrook heads home on medical leave for a well-deserved break, the last thing he expects is to stumble upon a mysterious woman in danger. She may be a stranger to him, but she’s a friend of his commander’s and now that Brody knows she’s in trouble, he can’t just leave her to be hunted down and executed. The moment he puts her in his truck it places them both in the crosshairs of a killer bent on revenge. She might trust Brody to have her back, but he wants far more than that. He wants everything she has to give, and he’ll do whatever it takes to get it.

I've also got a book up for pre order now that I'm just about to begin writing. Never Surrender is a novella featuring the cast of the Bagram Special Ops series, and it's part of Liliana Hart's MacKenzie world. It will release in March, 2017, and I'm so looking forward to revisiting these characters again.
The Bagram crew meets Liliana Hart’s MacKenzies
As the Bagram crew assembles at a guest ranch in Montana to celebrate the wedding of two of its own, everyone expects a fun week-long vacation enjoying some much-needed downtime together. But in the picturesque foothills bordering the ranch, a hidden danger lurks.
When the guys stumble upon evidence of a domestic terrorist cell during the bachelor party, it puts everyone directly in the crosshairs of a lethal enemy determined to remain unseen, unleashing a wave of danger every bit as deadly as what they faced back overseas. Then a shocking revelation from the past comes to light, and it may be the key to winning the fight. Now they must come together as a team to eliminate the threat, before they wind up gathered for a funeral instead of a wedding.

While I'm working on that, the other two books of the Colebrook series will release. Wyatt's Stand comes out at the end of August, and Easton's Claimwill be out in late September. After that, I plan to begin a series on the DEA FAST team that Easton (from Easton's Claim) is part of. Woot!

Happy reading,

Kaylea :)

Saturday, April 23, 2016

HRT #9: Betrayed is Out!

Dear reader,

I'm so excited to bring you Georgia and Bautista's story at last! Many of you know how torn I was about Bautista back when I wrote and released Exposed (Cruzie and Marisol's story). I know he's no angel, but there's a lot of good in him still so I'm really glad I could resurrect him and give him a shot at a happy ending. 

Torn apart by lies and a hail of bullets…
Georgia Randall is a government-trained killer with nothing left to live for except the burning need for revenge. She’s lost everything she cared about, including the only man she ever loved, and now her past has caught up with her. Shadowy enemies are on the move, determined to silence her before she can kill her remaining targets. But when the man she’s been mourning suddenly turns up to confront her, Georgia must face the consequences of the lies she told to conceal her double life. And even if she wins him back and survives what’s coming, she knows a happy ending isn’t possible for someone like her.
Only revealing their darkest secrets can bring them back together. 
Against all odds, notorious assassin Miguel Bautista clawed his way back from the brink of death. Now he wants answers. For months he’s been tormented by the devastating truth about the one bright spot in his dark and violent past: the woman he fell in love with was nothing but a lie. When he learns she’s in danger and is offered the chance to save her, he signs a deal with the devil to protect her. They already lost each other once. If any of what they shared was real, this time he’s not letting her go. But if they’re going to have a prayer at a future together they must first evade the enemies closing in on them—and fight to stay alive.

On a bittersweet note, I recently wrapped up the final book of the HRT Series. Blackwell's story, Reclaimed, is with one of my editors right now and I'm planning to release it in late June or so. I think it's one of the best books I've ever written, a real roller coaster of emotions combined with taut, edge-of-your-seat action. I hope you guys will love it as much as I do.

I'll admit, I have mixed feelings about ending this series. I'll be sad to say goodbye to this cast of characters I've become so deeply attached to, but I'll be sure to bring them into play in future books, with some kind of crossover in my future series. 

At the moment I'm working on the first of what will either be a series of three or four novellas (ha, IF I can manage to actually write a novella), each featuring a sibling from the Colebrook family. You'll meet Brody Colebrook, the HRT sniper team leader, in Reclaimed. From there I plan to start a new series, using the final Colebrook Series book as a springboard. 

Oh, and if you're an audiobook fan, you'll be pleased to know that Audible is going to produce the first six books of he HRT Series. Look for MarkedTargetedHuntedDisavowedAvenged and Exposed to release in audio format in the next 6-9 months or so.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy Georgia and Bautista's story!

Happy reading.

Kaylea :)

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Dear reader,

I'm so excited to announce the release of book #8 in my Hostage Rescue Team Series. I've been looking forward to writing more of Bauer and Zoe's story and had initially planned for Wanted to be a novella, but I got carried away and it wound up being a short novel instead. I couldn't help myself, I just love these two! The entire HRT cast will make appearances in this one, with a few surprises along the way.

Wanted_600x900She thought her past was behind her.
After nearly dying at the hands of a madman in New Orleans a year ago, Zoe Renard has worked hard to put that trauma behind her and move on. With her man at her side she’s focused on her writing career and building a future together. Things are almost perfect between them, until a series of shocking events turns her world upside down again. An unforeseen threat is looming, and it’s more lethal than anyone realizes. Only this time, hers isn’t the only life at stake.

But the nightmare isn’t over yet.
HRT member Clay Bauer never expected to fall in love again, but what he has with Zoe is better than anything he ever could have imagined. After what happened to her in New Orleans he’s ever vigilant about her safety, so when a new threat emerges he’ll do everything in his power to keep her safe. But even a former SEAL can’t protect her from an enemy he can’t see coming. And by the time he realizes the true extent of the danger, it may be too late for them all.

Buy Links

Can't wait for you guys to read this one! And don't forget that book #1, Marked, is still free at all vendors, so if you haven't yet read that one, grab it.
For my readers who love audio books, you'll be pleased to know that the first 6 books of the HRT series (from Marked to Exposed) have been picked up by Audible. I'm still waiting for word on who the narrator will be, but we expect those first six titles to be available by late summer if all goes well. Woot!

Right now I'm hard at work on HRT book #9, Betrayed, which will feature the character you see in the final chapter of Wanted. Once you find out who it is, I hope you guys will be as excited about that story as I am! After that I plan to wrap up the series at book #10, which will be Blackwell's story. We'll finally get to see what happened to him and Summer.
Wishing you all a wonderful 2016!

Happy reading,
Kaylea :)