Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What's new in the new year

Hi everyone. Lots going on for me in the new year. I've spent the last month promoting myself on the web and facebook, and getting my books into some local stores to see if I can keep building my reader base. The publishing industry has been hit hard by the current economic crisis, and even the major NY houses are laying off staff. For e-pubs like my publisher, this is good news because it opens up the e-book niche even farther. Since Oprah gave the nod to the Amazon Kindle, its sales rocketed over the Christmas holidays, and so have Sony's for its digital reader. More and more people are reading digital versions of books because they are convenient, and cheaper than buying a paperback.

For myself, my editor now has my third installment in my series, and I've already begun book four, featuring Rhys and Neveah. No one has picked up my Civil War novel yet, but I do have a publisher and an agent reading the full manuscript. The Vacant Chair placed second in a small contest I entered, so I know it has potential.

Other than that, I'm struggling to carve out enough time to sit and write, while not neglecting my children. A tough order to fill, but I'm doing my best.

I hope 2009 is good to all of you!

Kaylea Cross