Thursday, April 30, 2009

Research Field Trip

Took the weasels up Grouse Mountain yesterday to research a scene in my current WIP, Relentless, to make sure I had all the details right before I do the final round of edits. They were thrilled, and loved the gondola ride to the top of the mountain almost as much as they did the Starbucks hot chocolates when we came back down.

The view was amazing, even though black clouds rolled in as we were leaving and it started to snow on the summit. Halfway down it was raining, and over Vancouver and the rest of the lower mainland, it was clear.

I haven't been up to Grouse for years since I was there on a date with my ex-boyfriend, so it was good to see it through fresh eyes again. I flew over it during the Christmas holidays in my dad's chopper, but it's different to stand up on the summit and overlook the city. What spectacular scenery we have here. We're so spoiled! You can visit beaches and forests and mountains all in the same day.

Next trip will be a picnic to Stanley Park and Queen Elizabeth Park to get the exact lay of the land for my characters. What I don't do for them, huh?

Feels so good to almost be done! One more book to go, then I'm off and running on my Night Stalkers series.


Mary Ricksen said...

It so reminds me of Stowe in Vermont, where my next book takes place. Beautiful!

Kaylea Cross said...

Mary, if I ever get over my fear of flying, New England is definitely on my to see list. Especially during the fall, when the leaves will be ablaze and the BoSox will hopefully be in the playoffs so I can see them at Fenway!