Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Strike Three

Well, it looks like softball is out of the Olympics, and not just for the 2012 Games. As of now, the possibility of it coming back is bleak. A lot of people are upset over this, and even more are surprised considering softball was widely regarded as having the best shot of being reinstated. Instead, the IOC is voting between golf and rugby for the 2016 Summer Games.

They may try and bring it back as an additional (i.e. "new") sport for 2020, but don't hold your breath on that count. It's interesting to note that the IOC is now unable to throw out a sport once it's been voted in. In the wake of softball and baseball being axed from the Olympic roster, that legislation was brought in right quick by the other sports programs so that it wouldn't happen to them. Smart thinking. Too bad it didn't happen before we got cut.

Still, my fingers are crossed that someone will do the right thing and vote softball back in for the 2020 Games. There are so many talented fastpitch players that deserve their time in the sun on the world athletic stage. Here's hoping!