Thursday, September 17, 2009

Darn It...

Shoot. I'm stuck already. My new WIP was off to a great start, and now I'm stuck. I know the black moment and the ending, but have no idea what fills in the rest of the blanks.

That'll teach me not to be so vague in my outlining. I do know better. When I get a detailed outline down the drafting phase goes much smoother. Not to mention quicker! Still getting to know my characters, I guess. And having the book set at Bagram limits what I can do to get my hero and heroine together on the page. Hmmm...

'Course, my writer's block might have something to do with my upcoming trip next week. I've been completely preoccupied with my kids and stealing every last snuggle they'll give me. But today I'm going to drop my little guy off at preshcool and sit in the van with my laptop until he's dismissed so I force myself to get the next chapter done. Time to get out the machete! Got some hacking to do through this novel's jungle.