Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Out of Her League Wins First Place!

I'm thrilled to announce that Out of Her League has won first place in romantic suspense category of the 2009 Volusia County RWA Laurel Wreath contest.

It beat out entries from several highly accomplished authors, but what tickles me the most is that the judges chose an e-pubbed book as the winner for the category. Sometimes it feels like e-pubbed authors don't get recognition or respect from other sectors in the publishing industry, so it was nice that my entry (and my publisher) was taken seriously. And, they liked it! They really, really liked it :) I greatly appreciate their support.

Plus, two fellow Greater Vancouver RWA chapter mates placed along with me. Susan Lyons placed second in the long contemporary category with her erotic romance She's On Top (Kensington Aphrodisia), and Mary J. Forbes won the short contemporary with Their Secret Child (Silhouette).


Christine said...

Absolutely great!!!!

love Christine

Katie Reus said...

That's awesome!! Mega congrats :)

Christine said...

I have a question. I review a lot of e books (health and fitness of course). They are fraught with typos, grammar mistakes, incorrect words, misinformation and spelling mistakes. Very distracting...... All the more reason to stick with real books!

I don't recall reading a printed book (whether a text or a novel), with such errors. What process does a printed book go through to end up so perfect?


Christine said...


Your book was perfect by the way - I am referring to the fitness industry and how terrible the end products are for their ebooks - not a pleasure to read. I don't believe they have publishers - they just offer their products through clickbank.