Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Year, new attitude

Meet Jake. He's my new secret weapon in the fight against writer's block and the dastardly first draft. Along with my new muse (I never name them, because that would just be creepy), this next book should be a breeze to knock out. My old muse was great, but as a SEAL he was getting really restless and bored, so I've sent him back to the Teams where he's happiest. Besides, my new muse is very...inspiring ;) *Fans self*

He's a PJ, because I have a huge fan-girl crush on all PJs, and he's real easy on the eyes. He's kind of quiet, but steady, and hangs around to offer suggestions when I need them. When I get tired from slashing Jake through the vines and tangles of the first draft, my PJ takes over and blazes the trail for me. Sigh. Is that romantic or what? And it doesn't hurt that he has really nice arms, too.

This next book is tentatively titled Crash and Burn, and is the second in my Bagram Special Ops series. I'm thinking it should be the AFSOC series instead, since all the heroes are Air Force Special Operations, but we'll see. This book features Ryan, a CCT (combat controller, which I will highlight in later posts), and Candace, a Spectre gunship pilot. I've got plenty of conflict to work with, and there's no shortage of sparks between these two. He annoys the ever living hell out of her, and loves every second of it.

My writing resolution for this year was not to start drafting until I had an entire scene outline laid out for a book. Otherwise I'll grind to a halt and wind up languishing around the halfway point. Not this time, and hopefully never again. I've already got my working outline done, and all I have to do now is flesh out the scenes a bit more before I start the draft. I guess I did cheat a little, because I've already written one of the closing scenes in tribute to my late grandmother. Believe me, she was such a character in life that I had to include her in one of my books, and Ryan is in for the surprise of his life when he meets her.

My PJ is sharpening Jake for me now, so after I flesh out my outline, we're off into the jungle together. I'll be in very good hands ;) Looking forward to it!


Katie Reus said...

Hey girl, I've sent you a ridiculous number of emails and I can only hope you're not getting them and not ignoring me, lol. Please email me, I have to ask u something!