Thursday, May 6, 2010

Look at Luke!!!

Isn't he gorgeous? Of course, he was always good looking in my head, but I'm more than relieved that the world will think so too after seeing this beautiful cover. No release date yet, but I'm hoping it will be out by Christmas.

In other news, the retreat at the Silver Spur Ranch was a roaring success. Rhonda Penders (editor-in-chief for The Wild Rose Press) and her family drove me from Austin to the ranch, so I got to know them a bit. She greeted me in the lobby with a big hug, and I fell in love with her right then. Turns out her youngest son is a Civil War buff too, so we had lots to talk about during the drive.

My own editor was there too, and meeting her really made the trip worthwhile. She gave me a few lovely compliments, including that she was surprised I wasn't already agented considering how good the last few books I've written have been (picture me blushing). I think initially we might have had a bit of a rocky start back when I was first assigned to her. We had a difference of opinion on a certain manuscript that needed to be resolved, and I'd always wondered what she thought of me after that :) Everything was handled professionally and things moved smoothly from there, but meeting her face-to-face was an awesome experience. I'm pretty certain she liked me.

I'll try to post some photos when I get home, but right now my hubby is having a fit that I'm on the computer when Disneyland opens in under an hour. Even though we're only a ten minute shuttle ride away. And even though we've already spent three days there. Really.


Katie Reus said...

Can't wait to see your retreat photos! And I love love love your new cover :) The cover gods must love you!