Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gotta stop counting the days...

Like a lot of authors I know, I'm playing the waiting game right now. Actually, I'm waiting for news on just about everything, lol. I'm so desperate for some good news (any good writing news!) that I went out yesterday and bought myself a silk rose to commemorate my first sale. I never got one from my RWA chapter for Out of Her League, because I joined them after I'd made the sale. My new rose is now sitting on top of my armoire with the others, forming a nice little bouquet. I'd like to make the bouquet much larger, if you know what I mean.

My six year old watched me select the yellow-and-peach rose yesterday while he held a basket of crafts and activity books for him and his brother. "Hm," he said, studying it seriously. "I like that color. And maybe if you put it in the garden, the black vine weevils will try to eat it and get sick and die."

*g* Now why didn't I think of that? By the way, I put some really strong pesticide down that another local gardener recommended to me, but the bugs are still out there. There are fewer of them, but that might be because I've picked most of them off the plants by now. Hard to say who's winning the war just yet, but I'm still determined to stop them!

So all of you out there, please send some good vibes my way and hopefully I'll have news of another sale soon. In the meantime, I've got another story to write!


Katie Reus said...

You're gonna get good news soon, I feel it :)