Sunday, July 18, 2010

Road Trip

We're hitting the road Tuesday and getting the heck out of Dodge. Central Oregon is our final destination, where we'll stay three nights at The Lodge At Suttle Lake. We're all looking forward to getting away from everything for awhile, especially since we've been so busy with family for the past few weeks and my mother-in-law's funeral.

Then on Friday we're heading to Seattle, where on Saturday night we'll be watching the BoSox take on the Mariners at Safeco Field. I think we're close to home plate, and I'm praying the BoSox Captian, Jason Varitek, will be catching that night. (Mmmm, Varitek...) He's a well respected catcher renowned for studying game footage and opposing batter's weaknesses, plus he takes charge on the field and in the clubhouse, and he works well with the pitching staff. I can't wait to sit back with a hot dog and dark chocolate dipped strawberries on a stick to watch my heartthrob do his thing.

Our eldest is six, and this isn't his first time to Safeco. He'll do okay, provided there are lots of food vendors around to keep him happy. It'll be our little guy's first ball game though. He's only 4, and while I doubt he'll last the whole nine innings, I hope he'll mostly enjoy the experience. We're going with one of my best pals (a former teammate) and her man who happens to live in Seattle. My pal is great with the kids, but my hubby is well aware of my fan girl crush and already knows he's in charge of the boys if they start to whine or act up during the game so I'm not distracted from seeing my hero. Even if I only see him in the dugout. Hubby loves the BoSox too, but he doesn't love Varitek as much as I do :)

Maybe it's because I was a pitcher, but to me catchers are just plain sexy, especially him. For crying out loud, just look at him up there in the first photo! Yum. Of course when it comes to yummy catchers there's also Minnesota's delectable Joe Mauer (shown here on the left), but I'm a loyal kind of gal. (If only he played for the BoSox...)

Varitek's only 3 years older than me and we've both had ball-related surgery on our left knees, so that makes me feel even closer to him, lol. And as a massage therapist, I'd be happy to work all his knots out after the game. Purely for therapeutic reasons, of course ;)

But don't worry, I promise to behave myself should I run into him. I'm actually pretty shy, so even if I somehow met the man I wouldn't be able to do anything more than blush and mumble a hello. (When really I'd be thinking, I love you Jason! Can we play catch?)


Karlene Blakemore-Mowle said...

After seeing those photos.. I could almost be turned from military to baseball hero's..... yummmmo! Enjoy your hot dawg's and chocolate... and take some photos! Have a great trip and enjoy!!!!!

Wynter Daniels said...

Enjoy the trip. Sounds like you really need it.

Kaylea Cross said...

Hi Karly! Yeah, they're pretty delicious, huh?
I'll think of you as I'm eating my chocolate covered strawberries :)

Hey, Wynter. Thanks, we really do need the getaway! What are you working on these days? I'm actually working on a piece I hope to sub to EC (gasp!) when I'm done.

Katie Reus said...

Yummy. He really is a hottie! You've likely already left on your trip. Can't wait to see pics when you get back :)