Sunday, December 5, 2010

He's Ba-ack!

As an early Christmas present to me, the Boston Red Sox are this close to resigning their hunky captain for another season. Yep, Jason Varitek is all healed up and staying put for at least one more year. I couldn't be happier about it! Maybe hubby will take me down to Seattle to watch Tek when the BoSox come to town and I'll actually get to see him behind the plate this time. Not that I'm complaining about last time. I won't forget that wink anytime soon ;)

We've been super busy here getting the place ready for Christmas. Had our annual holiday bash last night, and even Santa came and made a special guest appearance for the throng of kids here. Though we've got our standard 5 trees and the humongous arbor decorated inside, hubby went crazy this year out in the yard. We've got all kinds of figures out on the front lawn and garden, and he almost bought one of those annoying computerized things that synchronizes music and lights. I'm sure our neighbors are very grateful he decided to pass on that. I know I am.

In terms of writing, I'm pretty sure I'm on the naughty list, and not just because I sold that erotic romance novella a couple weeks ago! Nope, I've been procrastinating like crazy with my WIP and I'm not sure why. Have to push through that and get my mojo back, because I've got a lot of projects to finish in the next year if I want to keep up any kind of momentum. I'm seeing a writing friend tonight for some girl talk over tea with a side of plotting, so I'm hoping that will jump start my muse again. And next weekend I'm hosting the Greater Vancouver RWA chapter for our Christmas shindig, so that's always awesome. should see my calendar for December. It's nuts. Way more so than usual. Everyone in our house is designated with a different color highlighter, and the entire month is so packed full with color it almost gives me a headache. I try not to look at it too often because it just makes me tired thinking about all I have to do this month. Wish me luck!


Nissie said...

Kaylea,you're surrounded by too many hunky guys. ;)

I'm so happy to hear you have 5 trees. I thought I was the only one to have a whole Christmas forest in the house.

And GOOD LUCK on all your projects!!