Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy Anniversary

Today is my wedding anniversary. My two boys are both in Catholic school, and this morning are actually attending mass at the very church we were married at 11 years ago today. Pretty cool, no?

My hubby is a wonderful, steady guy. Rock solid with lots of family values, which are my two favorite things about him. (Besides him being a sexy beast in his catcher's gear when he used to catch for me, that is.) He's the first to admit he's not the most demonstrative or romantic guy in the world, but every now and again he blows me away with something completely thoughtful and over-the-top. Today I found a card taped to my steering wheel, telling me that the kids are taken care of this afternoon and that I have to be ready to leave at 2:45 today. Oh, and I should shave. (Thanks for the tip, honey!) I hope that means he has plans to see me in a short dress, and not that he seriously thinks he has to remind me to shave, lol.

A year ago today we were in New Orleans to celebrate our 10th anniversary (another huge surprise from hubby, and he even arranged for my crit partner, Katie Reus, to meet me there as another surprise). We spend the day touring some plantations, such as Oak Alley...

 and a Creole plantation known simply as Laura.
 Fascinating place, run by powerful women, and the original slave quarters were still intact. They even had a copy of the Code Noir, or Black Code, stating the laws about owning slaves. They also had a manifest listing all the slaves owned by the plantation owners, their names, ages, trades, and what they were worth on the market.
Seriously hard to wrap your brain around that one. Seeing it written down in stark black and white was almost mind boggling. If a slave had any white blood in him at all, he was worth way more than a pure African slave fresh off the boat. Old slaves were worth practically nothing, and the more skills you had as a laborer, the better.
While the tour was somewhat disturbing, I'm glad they didn't try to sugar coat everything and sell the Gone With the Wind image to the tourists. We headed back to the French Quarter for dinner at Irene's, a famous Italian restaurant there (the dark chocolate mousse was to die for!),
 then took a paddle boat jazz cruise down the Mississippi.
Very romantic night! Hmm, I wonder what the man has in store for me today?


Wynter Daniels said...

You're a lucky lady. I'm sure he has something wonderful planned. Enjoy whatever it is.

Autumn Jordon said...

Happy anniversary! Our 10th was Tuesday. Go figure you and I have more in common. LOL

I hope your guys have a wonderful time. (((HUGS))

Kaylea Cross said...

I am lucky! Last night he surprised me by having a driver pick me up, take me downtown to a spa for a 75 minute aromatherapy massage, then a fancy dinner and overnight at the Pan Pacific Vancouver. Verra nice :)

Thanks, Autumn. Wonder what else we have in common?

Stella (Ex Libris) said...

Wonderful program he put together that last time, I'm sure this one will be just as memorable :-D

Happy Anniversary and wishing you lots of joy and great memories with your husband! :-)

Kaylea Cross said...

Thank you so much, Stella! I hate it that people tend to take each other for granted, and I try not to, but I know I could do better with my hubby. Must make more of an effort to show how special he is to me.