Monday, June 4, 2012

No Pressure

It's the start of June already, which means I have only three more weeks until my two weasels are out of school for the summer. It also means I have to get as much writing done as possible before that happens! Since I'm writing on deadline for the first time and have two manuscripts due August 1st, you'd better believe I found some camps to put the boys in. But they're cool camps. One is going to a Star Wars and a junior film makers camp, and the other is doing a space and junior scientist camp.

I've finished the draft of Danger Close (which will probably be retitled), and now have to put it aside while I do edits for a Callie Croix release coming out early next year (Covert Seduction). Once that's done, I'll be juggling line edits and copy edits for that story while I revise and polish Danger Close. After that I plan to take the first week of August off, to let some ideas percolate in my little brain for Jackson and Maya's book.I'm certain by then I'll need the break!

I also entered Deadly Descent into the 2013 EPIC Awards, so please cross your fingers and toes that someone falls in love with Cam and Dev's story. And, because I've been such a good girl and working so hard, I bought myself this pretty little Victorian jacket that I'm very excited about. I keep waiting and hoping that hoop skirts will come back in style again while I'm alive...


Wynter Daniels said...

Wow - that is pressure. Keeping fingers and toes crossed but I don't think you need luck for the contest. Your books speak for themselves!