Monday, December 10, 2012

Hurry! Hurry hard!

Holy cow, only two weeks until Christmas Eve!!!

On Friday I wrapped up revisions on Lethal Pursuit (Maya and Jackson's story), the third and probably final installment of the Bagram Special Ops series. I sent it off to my editor and likely won't see it again for at least a month or two. Hope she likes it! It's very fast paced and dark, even brutal in spots.

Between now and Christmas I plan to get my holiday preparations finished and hopefully do a bit more drafting of my new R/S project. In early January I have to do heavy revisions (AKA a major rewrite) of my Civil War romance, The Vacant Chair. I have the most gorgeous cover for it but I don't want to show it until I have a better handle on a release date. The book is due to my editor February 1st, and I'm pretty sure that despite all my work before handing it in, I'll still have lots of work to do once I get it back from her. *cough*

I'm sure a lot of you are wrapped up in the middle of Christmas madness right now. This coming weekend is my hubby's staff party. Every year the office goes to a local curling rink, and every year my hubby's team seems to be pitted against mine in the final. He's beaten me the last two years, even though I taught him everything he knows about curling. Gah. I have to step up my game!