Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wild Weekend

I had THE best weekend EVER. My birthday was on Saturday, but on Thursday afternoon when I got to the school to pick the boys up, my husband suddenly appeared next to my vehicle. I immediately thought something must be wrong, but he grinned and said, "I got you an early birthday present."

I got out and who should I find standing on the sidewalk? My best friend and writing idol, Katie Reus. He'd flown her up that afternoon to spend my birthday weekend with me. How amazing is he???

Here's my reaction. I was so floored and beside myself to see her, I didn't even notice him filming. He titled the clip "Longest Hug Ever".

Katie's never been to Vancouver before and I was super excited to have her stay with us. I took her downtown to see Stanley Park and walk on the sea wall, then to my favorite comfort food restaurant, Burgoo. During her visit we ate a lot of great food, talked about writing and the publishing industry in general, and pretty much hung out all the time.

On my actual birthday, my hubby sent us to the spa in the afternoon. We came home to a surprise Mardi Gras themed party, complete with New Orleans style food and decorations. There was even a murder mystery game. Katie got to meet my closest family members and we had a great time.

I dropped her off at the airport yesterday and was so bummed the rest of the day. I feel a bit better today, but I know it'll be a long time until I get to see her again. My boys just fell in love with her, but how could they not? She's a sweetie.

So yes, it's official: I'm married to the best husband in the world. He's not the most affectionate or romantic guy, but he does these grand gestures from time to time that just floor me. This birthday he gave me the best gift I've ever received!