Friday, November 1, 2013

Extinguished is Coming Soon

In just a few weeks Extinguished will be released into the wild! Book 4 of my Titanium Security Series features the team sniper, Blake Ellis. I had a lot of fun researching this one. Obviously I can't cram everything I learned into a 60,000 words romantic suspense book, but I hope you'll learn some interesting tidbits about snipers that you didn't know before.

I'm shooting (ha! Bad pun!) for a November 22nd release date, it just depends on when I get the files back from the formatter, and how long it will take for the various retail sites to put the book up.

Here's the final blurb!

She’s wanted him forever...

For years former Marine Jordyn Bridger has been in love with a man who refused to see her as anything but his best friend’s little sister. A mind-blowing kiss finally changed that, but then he disappeared from her life. Now he’s back, to recruit her for a job with his NSA-sanctioned Titanium Security team. They’re going after the terrorist responsible for the recent attacks on their team and Jordyn is eager to lend her skill set to the hunt. She’s determined to prove to Blake that she’s capable of holding her own—both in the bedroom and on the battlefield.

He’s never walking away again...

Former Marine Scout/Sniper Blake Ellis hid his true feelings for Jordyn for years out of respect for her and her family, but once he learns those feelings aren’t one-sided, he can’t keep his distance any longer. When a team tragedy thrusts Jordyn into the front line with him on a battlefield, Blake will do whatever it takes to protect her. She’s everything he ever wanted in a woman but he was too stubborn to see it. Now it might be too late for them. As they race to capture the terrorist they’re hunting, Blake and Jordyn find themselves fighting for their lives. If they want to make it out alive they must work together to defeat an unseen, powerful network that will stop at nothing until their entire team is dead.


tresa said...

I want it NOW !!