Thursday, December 19, 2013

An Early Christmas Present: Rekindled!

Happy holidays to all of you out there who celebrate! Things are moving at warp speed here, as they seem to do every year at this time. I've finished with Rekindled (Titanium Security #5) and it's now with my editor.

As an early Christmas surprise, here's the fabulous cover and blurb for Rekindled! Should release at the end of January. Isn't it fabulous? I love how the cover artist put all kinds of salt into Alex's hair. He is 51, after all.

He left her when she needed him most...

Four years ago, Dr. Grace Fallon lost everything that mattered in a terrorist attack she barely survived. Now she’s stronger than ever and in Pakistan with a UN-sanctioned team for the most important assignment of her career. She’s dedicated her life to eradicating the world of chemical weapons, and long ago accepted the inherent risks associated with her job. Until the man whose memory has haunted her for so long suddenly reappears and inadvertently makes her the target of one of the most dangerous terrorists on the planet. Forced to accept Alex’s protection, it’s impossible to deny the white-hot attraction still burning between them. And while she trusts him to guard her from this new threat, Grace must once again decide whether to risk her heart to the man who once shattered her entire world.

Now he’ll risk everything to win her back...

Four years ago, NSA agent Alex Rycroft left Grace because had no choice. But never again. Malik Hassani has escaped custody, he’s on the run, and has locked onto Grace as a means to target Alex. This time Alex will do whatever it takes to protect her—and convince her to give them another chance. Walking away from her nearly destroyed him and now that she’s back in his life, he can’t let her go. When the unthinkable happens and Grace’s life hangs in the balance, he’ll sacrifice everything to save her—including himself.
Hope you all have a fabulous holiday season! I'll be taking a break from the keyboard until the New Year, but my muse will be plotting like mad in the meantime, getting ready to start my next project.

All the best to you and yours,
Kaylea :)