Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hostage Rescue Team #2: Targeted

In just a couple weeks, the second book of my Hostage Rescue Team Series will be out! It features Tuck and Celida, who you first met in Marked.

Right now I'm working on Bauer's story (Hunted) and enjoying its setting of New Orleans. I've always wanted to set a book there, and the heroine suits that town so very well.

Here's the blurb for Targeted. Can't wait for you all to read this one!

They were partners once
After an attack on the job that nearly killed her, Special Agent Celida Morales is determined to salvage her reputation in the FBI and get back to the career she loves.  Domestic terrorism has left its mark on her—literally—and now she’s more determined than ever to leave her mark on it. But when a hostage situation takes an unexpected turn she’s confronted with the realization that she may not only lose the hostages, but  also the only man she’s lost her heart to.

To be together again, this time they’ll have to risk it all

Hostage Rescue Team assault team leader Brad Tucker has always wanted Celida but professional conduct and her unwillingness to commit stood in the way. For more than a year he’s been juggling the increasing demands of his job and personal life, but after Celida was almost killed, none of those reasons matter anymore. Tuck knows it’s time to claim her and he’s ready to lay it all on the line. Then an op turns deadly and it’s a race to bring down a well-trained enemy bent on settling an old score, a man who doesn’t care how many innocent people get in his way.