Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Feed Your One-Click Habit and Help A Wounded Veteran!

Hi guys! I've been remiss in promoting a very special project of mine. 
I'm part of a digital box set called Fearless, raising money for wounded combat veterans through a charity called VETSports. 12 romances for $2.99, and EVERY SINGLE PENNY of our royalties goes to the charity. 
And the cover model? He's one of the charity's founders, who lost a lower leg in combat to an IED blast.  

I first saw BT Urruela last year in a documentary about wounded combat vets and his story touched me, one because I love our men and women in uniform, and two, because he was a talented ballplayer and I used to be a fairly decent one myself (kind of). Lo and behold, a few months later I was invited to be a part of this anthology to raise money for his charity and I'm thrilled to be part of this effort!
Isn't it strange how life works sometimes? 
Please help me spread the word to help raise money for our wounded combat veterans involved with VetSports. It's a worthy cause!

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Look for the final Bagram Special Ops book to release in the middle of April! Collateral Damage is a real emotional roller coaster and I hope you'll love Honor and Liam's story as much as I do. 

Right now I've just begun work on Hostage Rescue Team series book #5, Schroder's story. Let's see what trouble I can cause him!

Happy reading,