Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Fast Fury: DEA FAST Series book #5

Dear reader,

Fast Fury is here! I always have a favorite couple for each series, and so far, Kai and Abby are my front runners for the FAST Bravo crew. 

I've mostly set this one in Maui, a beautiful place I will be returning to this March. I love this setting so much and hope you will too. Also, I predict a good number of you will wind up with severe crushes on Kai as you read this one, because that man is just delicious. Fair warning :). 

She’s a woman worth fighting for.
Abby McKinley misses her sexy former neighbor from across the hall more than she expected—because he means more to her than she was ready to admit. When she learns the feeling is mutual, she balks at the idea of getting involved with a man who is sure to break her heart. But the pull between them is too strong to deny. Putting caution aside, she agrees to meet up with him in Maui and see where things go. Then, just as she begins to lose her heart to him, her trip to paradise turns into a waking nightmare.
He’ll do whatever it takes to make her his.
With a series of bad relationships under his belt, FAST Bravo member Kai Maka is ready for something real, and he wants it with Abby. Spending time with her on his home island of Maui gives him the perfect chance to show her how good they could be together. But a shadow has followed him home. A deadly drug cartel has set its sights on him, putting him and those close to him in the crosshairs. When unimaginable tragedy strikes, Kai is powerless to stop it. In the wake of that loss, he’s more determined than ever to keep Abby safe. But he can’t protect her from a threat he can’t see coming. If he can’t stop it in time, Kai will be forced to watch the woman he loves die. 


Also, I recently attended the 1,001 Dark Nights Cruise, where I got to hang out with all kinds of amazing authors and readers for a few days at sea. Here are a couple of pictures:
Me with Carrie Ann Ryan, at her colouring party, which of course I was beyond excited to attend, since I'm a colouring geek.

Me with Jessica Scott, active duty Army officer currently teaching at West Point. She's got her master's degree and writes amazing military romances. Holy moly.

Me, Avery Flynn, J. Kenner, and Kimberly Kincaid. They've probably all got master's or PhDs too, but at this point I was afraid to even ask, because I'm over here with my plain old bachelor's degree feeling totally inadequate... haha.

I just wrapped up the draft of FAST book #6, Fast Justice, featuring the team's sexy point man, Special Agent Malcolm Freeman. Now I'm dreaming up all the delicious angst and fireworks of Hamilton and Victoria to wrap up the series. 

Until then, I hope Kai's story keeps you up past your bedtime.

Kaylea :)