Monday, April 26, 2010

Deep in the Heart of Texas

It's D-Day tomorrow. Departure day, that is. I'm headed to Austin, to visit my step-sis and her family, then I'm traveling with Rhonda Penders, editor-in-chief of the Wild Rose Press, down to a dude ranch outside of San Antonio for the weekend.

I signed up for this trip a year ago, while I was at Disneyland with my hubby and weasels. Remember? The trip we drove for twenty-plus hours each way because DH and I are terrified of flying? Yeah. How times have changed, because when I leave San Antonio on May 2nd, I'm flying into LA to meet my little family for a week in Disneyland. (I've figured out the only way to get hubby on a plane is to book a trip to a Disney park. So, someday I'm going to drag him across the pond to Paris! *evil laugh*)

Once the damn flying is over with (safely, I mean), I'm looking forward to the trip. I get to meet my editor with the Crimson Rose line of TWRP, so that will be cool. She's promised to go on a trail ride with me. I haven't been on a horse in years, but I grew up with them so I'm hoping it'll be just like riding a bike. I'll also get lots of uninterrupted writing time, and plan to revise my Civil War novel for the umpteenth time. If I get a good handle on those rewrites, I'll get cracking on Crash and Burn, the sequel to Turbulence. Currently, I'm 25% through the first draft.

So wish me luck, people! I'm feeling the fear but doing it anyway :)


Tia Dani said...

We sure do envy you, Kaylea, heading to Texas to meet up with other TWRP writers. You are going to have sooo much fun!
I (Dani) understand your fear. I have it too, but sometimes you have to take a deep breath and just go for it. I have flown more lately to conventions than over the past twenty years. Can't say I enjoy the flying but we sure have fun when we get there. Please keep us posted on the goings on in Texas. We will be checkin' back. Hopefully next time we will be able to join you in all the fun.
Dani and KrisTia w/a Tia Dani

Celia Yeary said...

Good luck, Kaylea!!

Kaylea Cross said...

Thanks, Tia Dani. It's so nice to know I'm not alone with my phobia. And you're right, sometimes we've just got to go through the fire to conquer it. Will keep you guys posted about the goings on at the ranch.

Celia, too bad you couldn't come! Maybe next time?