Monday, April 12, 2010

A Little Retail Therapy

After a bit of a rocky start, I had the best weekend I've had in a looong time. Did my taxes for the accounting department (AKA the hubbster), and verified that yes, my writing is not a lucrative business. Yet. It actually put me $200 in the hole last year. Needless to say, the accounting department wasn't terribly excited by this evidence in light of how many hours I put into it last year. Although, only the first book of the series was out at the time, and this year I'll have at least three and maybe four releases, so it should be a better year, financially speaking. On the plus side, I did make a bit of money from my massage therapy job, but not enough to help us out all that much. Awesome. Two part time jobs aside from being a full time mom, and nothing to show for it. Where the hell is my chocolate stash?

What better way to lift a girl's spirits than to spend the day shopping? After weeks of her trying to pin me down, I finally agreed to spend the day with my mom, just the two of us. We went for lunch and then spent all afternoon at Winners, where I promptly went hog wild. That's why I rarely go shopping--I know better. :) Bought some nice things for my upcoming trip to Texas with The Wild Rose Press group, plus some cute little jammies and a pretty purse. Doesn't really matter what it is; if it's got ribbons, bows, hearts or lace on it, I'll probably like it. I'm such a girl! Anyway, I spent way too much money but I left the store feeling a hell of a lot better than I had that morning. Funny how that works ;)

Yesterday was a family day spent playing miniature golf, topped off by a picnic in our backyard and Sunday Night Baseball (baseball's back--yee-haw!). And, I actually got an entire chapter written this weekend.

You know that saying "feast or famine"? As of today I've got three articles to write, two for my Massage Therapist Association magazine that I just accepted a freelance job for (the accounting department approves), and my galleys just came in for Absolution. One last visit with Luke to catch all the typos. Sigh... He's so dreamy, I can't wait for you all to read his story!


Long said...

i visited your site n was good enough than othere site that i visited before.

part-time job

Christine said...

So celebrating no money by spending. Are you sure we aren't blood relatives?????

How did the accounting dept feel about the shopping spree?

Retail therapy always makes me feel better too!

Kaylea Cross said...

The accounting department hasn't seen the Visa statement yet :)

Doubt he'll be super impressed though. But hey man, it lifted my spirits!