Friday, October 29, 2010

Absolution's Here!!!

Just got word Absolution is now available in print! Can't wait to see what everyone thinks of the 5th and final book of my military romantic suspense series. This is Luke's story, and my favorite of the bunch because of that. It's super hot, and wrenching. My editor said she cried twice while reading it (and in a good way!).

The digital version releases December 10th, but click here to buy the print version.

In other awesome news, my fabulous critique partner, Katie Reus, just sold a paranormal romance trilogy to Penguin/NAL. So proud of her! The first book will release sometime in 2012, but I'll keep you all posted about the details. Go Katie! You deserve this hon. xo


Katie Reus said...

Yay!! Glad it's out in print. I LOVE this one (okay, I love them all). And thanks for the shout out ;)

Zosia said...

Can't wait! Mind you, it'll probably take ten years to arrive in the post here.

It's not listed on Goodreads - I tried to add it but it wasn't working for some reason.

Kaylea Cross said...

Thanks Katie :)

Hi Zosia! Yeah, I guess it's a bit of a journey for the book to make it down under. I don't think it will come up on Goodreads until it's available on Amazon. Should happen in the next week or so. Hope you like it!

Jane said...

Congrats, Kaylea.