Friday, October 15, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness

As you're all no doubt aware, October is breast cancer awareness month. The disease now affects a staggering one in six women, but you might not know that men are also susceptible. The survival rates are better now than they've ever been, especially with early detection and treatment. To all the women out there over 40, make sure you're getting your mammograms! And if you're not yet 40, please tell me you're doing monthly breast self-exams to ensure any problem is caught sooner rather than later.

Breast cancer is a serious issue, and one I've wanted to write about for a long time. When Absolution comes out in early December, you'll see the devastating toll this awful disease takes on its victims--and on those who love them.

I wanted the story to show both the gory details of the diagnosis and treatment, but also to show hope. So if you know or meet someone struggling with breast or any other type of cancer, please reach out and give them your support. Sometimes a kind word of support or encouragement can make all the difference for someone struggling through this crappy disease.


Katie Reus said...

My MIL overcame breast cancer and omg, I never truly realized what a toll it takes on a person's body. To see her today thriving is amazing. I'm really looking forward to Absolution ;)

Kaylea Cross said...

I didn't know that! I'm so glad she's doing okay because it's a very frightening thing to be diagnosed with. Did she have to go through the whole surgery, chemo and radiation too?